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Romans 8:28

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Transforming the blog

Up until now, this blog has been for me to occasionally post on my walk with the Lord as we journey through my oldest son's diagnosis of brain cancer. My posts were about once or twice a year! I have been posting a lot on FaceBook but have been encouraged to post on a blog instead, so I'm transforming this blog into that :) I'm still going to blog on our journey but that journey now includes moving from Memphis to Cascilla, MS.

We've gone from BIG, BIG city (everything we need within 5 mins of our apartment) to a town that ONLY has a post office (nearest Wal-Mart/town is 25 miles away)! We moved here 4 months ago after my hubby accepted a position as a pastor. One phrase we heard over and over is "You're in the country now!"....hence the blog name ;)

This my experience as a semi-city girl to country girl who has her own garden, cans and freezes her crops, and maybe some day soon has some chickens!

Come along with me....learn with me, celebrate my new discoveries, laugh at my mistakes, watch my journey, be inspired to try some yourself!

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