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Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week's Menu Plan

This is our menu plan for this coming week:

homemade egg mcmuffins
sausage links and orange muffins
waffles with apple syrup
eggs and grits

(Muffins, eggs, grits, and oatmeal are choices we have every week but how we make them or flavor them vary from week to week making them more interesting!)

homemade pizza
chicken rice soup (using leftover rice and chicken from this week)
chili potatoes (using extra chili made from this week's dinner)
BBQ chicken salad wraps (using leftover BBQ chicken salad from this week's dinner)

(Some lunches they fend for themselves making sandwiches or eating leftovers)

Country ribs with from scratch mac cheese (diabetic version)
BBQ chicken in the crockpot (making extra for another dinner and a lunch)
BBQ chicken salad (using chicken from previous dinner)
Baked spaghetti (with wheat noodles) with salad
Chili (making extra for a lunch)
Grilled fish
Cranberry pork roast in the crockpot

What are you making for your family this week? :)

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