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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going to the "other" town

Today, we're running to "the other town" to go to the library. Yesterday, I posted about "going to town". The town we usually go to for groceries and our running around (Grenada) is not in our county and would cost us $35/year for a non-resident membership. Yikes!!!

Charleston is just about as far away in another direction and is down in the Delta. It's our county seat but has little else for us... only a local grocery store, a few local restaurants, a nursery, the library. (Of course, there's the courthouse and jail too.) They do have Bumpers (like a Sonic but with pizzas too!), a Mexican restaurant with a lunch buffet, and a Chinese buffet all locally owned.

Charleston's claim to fame is that it's where Morgan Freeman is from. The high school's gym is even named after him. This is where my kids are slotted for attendance, if they were in public school. Yep, they'd have to ride the bus an hour each way with kids Kindergarten through high school all together at the same time on the same bus. No thank you! Another reason we're sooo thankful the Lord has called us to homeschool and has continued to provide the means to do so!

So, today we're running to "the other town" to our local library. The two youngest kiddos will get enough books to last them 2 weeks. Elizabeth has to read 150 pages a week and Andrew has 100 pages. My oldest, Isaiah, is visually impaired (legally-blind) as a result of his brain tumor, so he'll look for books that inspire his drawing. I'll renew my book that I haven't started yet...been too busy canning :)

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