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Monday, August 27, 2012

St. Jude and our menu for this week

Our oldest son Isaiah is a St. Jude patient from a brain tumor he was diagnosed with 5 years ago. Monday and Tuesday of this week, we'll be traveling the 2 hours back to Memphis for some follow-up appointments he has concerning some new meds he was put on and his further vision loss (he is legally blind and may lose what little he has left). We'll be staying on campus at St Jude, which is still new to us because until we moved to the country we were local to the Memphis area. [If you're interested in following how Isaiah is doing and the results of his tests, you can like the FaceBook page "Praying for Isaiah". I keep it updated with all his recent news]

Being in the "big city", we'll also try to get lots of running around down that we can't do at home...e.g. running to LifeWay Christian bookstore, picking up curriculum I've bought from someone up there and a treadmill someone is donating to our family for Isaiah to use, eating at 5 Guys, etc :)

So, our menu plan for this week is a little different than usual ;)

Breakfasts: Eggs, bacon, and biscuits; egg casserole (from the freezer), and french toast with fruit

Lunches: Grilled cheese; taco soup (using leftover from taco night); shrimp sandwich; and tuna/egg salad with grapes

Dinners: Turkey salsa meatloaf with potatoes; taco salad with mexican rice; BBQ with coleslaw and beans; poppyseed chicken with broccoli; and chicken and dumplings

Hug your kiddos and you loved ones just a little longer, a little tighter, and thank the Lord for every day that He gives you together and for whatever health you do have!

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